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Deya Smith

Motivational Speaker & Author

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About Deya

Deya Smith-Taylor, whose byline is “Deya Direct" --- is the President and Creative Director of Deya Direct Enterprises

She is the author of nationally published blogs and three published books: Amazon #1 Bestseller “Failure is Fuel,”  “Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Boldly Live, Love and Let Go,” and now “Soft is the New Power: Embracing Your Femininity to Win in Love & Life.”


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A one-stop  site   to
realign, ignite  &  tap into your superpower! 

I believe in leveraging every personal and professional experience by learning your lessons and making your pain pay you back! 

Deya Direct!- Superpower Strategist & Life Coach

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“The Man Whisperer” has created a powerful new guide. Soft is the New Power is a book that will speak to the soul of many women. Our generation has been taught that in order to achieve and succeed, we needed to deny our feminine powers. Miss Deya Direct dismisses this BS and tells the truth! We need to bring all of ourselves to rule the world from the boardroom to the bedroom. Deya presents the keys to feminine power and success. If you want to rock your mission with woman-power, then this book is for you. I will definitely be sharing it with my life coaching clients and speaking audiences”. – Abiola Abrams, ESSENCE advice columnist and founder of

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