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The Superpowher Podcast was launched during Women’s Month in 2018.  It began as answer to combating much of the anxiety caused by the curated personas of the “perfect life” on social media. 


The SuperpowHer Podcast is a curated series of super-powerful conversations with Life-Coach Author, Speaker and Media Personality Deya Direct and friends; sharing REAL solutions, tools and life-changing stories from celebrities and thought-leaders to reignite love, growth, and self-care.


It has now turned into a signature self-care event  “THE SUPER SELF-CARE POWER SUMMIT’ and live podcast bringing in almost 200 women and and men; peppered with life-changing panels that include therapists, celebrities, wellness thought-leaders and social influencers.  Most recently, in response to the ongoing needs of her growing audience, Deya has launched the Super Self-Care Project, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women and girls in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area who are in transition with tools to enhance overall wellness, mindset and self-care via multimedia content, live events and direct coaching services.

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How to Make Self-care Profitable at Work
The Art of Soft Power: Self-Care Secrets For Strong Black Women |
Deya Direct Speaker Reel
The Super Self-Care Power Summit
Deya Direct's Super Self Care Power Summit
Super Self-Care Summit (2 min)
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