Girl listen, we’re body talking & discovering the power of the vjayjay

The conversation got so deep with my girlfriend/guest Dr. Jessica Shepherd that we had to do it in two parts. Plus, we had lot's of laughs and revelations in between. Of course, I want you to hear for yourself, but here are a few highlights and questions that I got answers to just for you; which can be hear now on “The Superpowers of the Vagina” episodes:

  • Did you know that your emotional and mental state can impact your sex life?

  • Did you know that waxing the vagina can lead to increased STD’s? Discover how and why.

  • Did you know that you’re not supposed to wash your vagina with soap?

  • What do you think is the woman’s largest sexual organ?

  • How often do patients complain about not being able to have orgasms; is that physical, mental or emotional and how can that be fixed?

  • Is it true that there’s a connection between menopause and Alzheimer’s?

Discover the magical messages that your body is speaking…

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