What a year 2018 has been! Not only did I answer the call to walk in my superpower, which I define as what makes you special and gives you the power to produce extraordinary results. But I was also intentional about making my “pain pay me back" by launching the SuperpowHer Podcast as a multimedia safe place for super fly women and women with powerful stories to share their testimonies while providing real-life tools for other women to overcome and win!

It has been my honor and labor of love to birth this vision, we produced 24 episodes, plus a few bonuses this year, then we introduced the SuperpowHer Shop, Where Women Look & Live the Fly Life. It’s a one-stop self-care shop where you can get curated books, beauty, and body positive products! But I don’t want to mislead you, this journey has been HARD and I could not have not have gotten this far without women like you who practice #womensupportingwomen, including every woman who downloaded each episode, bought a mug, a journal, anti-aging skin care, a t-shirt or hoodie; and of course my fabulous guests who taught me so much this year.

We learned everything from getting our mental/emotional health together to literally learning how to apply self care to our natural hair (guess who even did the big chop?), skin and even our V-jay, jay’s. Yes girl, we really did go deep (lmao). Not to mention the open-heart surgeries that were executed in life-changing conversations about business, Faith, self-love and relationships.

Which was your favorite Episode?

I am super-excited about what God is stirring up INside of me for 2019. I promise you this, I will share from my most authentic place, and I INvite you to show up open and ready to both give and receive. I say this because I believe that my biggest lesson of 2018 has been learning how to be IN and not just ON, OUT & ABOUT. You may see the good times on my social media, but everyday life is far from being picture perfect. The good news is the life lessons that this journey has revealed so far are invaluable. I am happy to share some of them. Here are 5 takeaways from 2018 that have also shaped what I’ll be doing IN 2019:

  • IN-the-wilderness, which is where I was, and it feels like being lost and like you’re experiencing unimaginable loss simultaneously. What I learned is that while this season feels like you’re being deserted, God was actually using this process to reconnect, redefine and refine who I really am. Because yes, sometimes you really do have to LOSE to WIN; lose the attachment to titles, in order to regain access to the DIVINE destiny that will exceed the parameters of any man-made position.​

  • IN-tuned to my own heart, soul, self-care and the voice of God, instead of Instagram and instant gratification; When you’re properly in-tuned with your core - the nuts and bolts of what makes you authentic, you become less likely to be easily influenced or impacted by outside distractions that cause you to lose focus and momentum.

  • IN-vested in “doing the work” and what else it takes to build and grow personally and professionally. Personally, I realized that it’s far more important to make memories with the real people who love you, instead of making posts that attract insta-friends who only like your cool posts, but won’t have your back in the fire of life, not because they’re not good people, but because they don’t actually know YOU outside of your curated life. And professionally, since one person can’t get it ALL done WELL, I invested financially in order to grow. Build yourself a team. Superwomen, you must both ask for and invest in the people and pros who have what you need if you want your vision to be realized.

  • IN-terdependent in marriage, I’ve been challenged with being a strong, IN-dependent woman. But marriage is really about being in an IN-terdependent relationship. It’s where both partners are mutually reliant on each other. It is a safe bond where partners can rely on each other but also maintain their autonomous identity.

  • IN-tentional living and building is more about value than it is volume. Because the race is not given to the swift nor to the strong, but to the one who endures until the end (Ecclesiastes 9:11). You may not be ending the year with the same one’s you started off with nor whom moved the fastest, and spoke the loudest; but never underestimate the relationships that endure, even if there are battle scars, sometimes you don't know what you have until you've been battle-tested. Ultimately, you’ll need someone by your side in 2019 who not only knows how to help you fight, but who deserves to accompany you on your first class flight!

So yes, this year we sure did get all up in our feelings, but we also pushed through to the other side, to believing for bigger and actually doing better. I for one am ready to move forward to the next level. I now fully embrace that sometimes you’ll either need to move up or out. But one thing is for sure, women are making power moves with God internally and externally.

In 2019, I have every INtention of mastering my own superpowers while cheering each and every one of you along and up on along the way!

We would love to hear from and even possibly post about you. Please take a moment to download this worksheet that will help you identify how 2018 IN-Powered you and share your biggest lesson in 2018 with us!

5 Ways 2018 IN-Powered Me