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Self-care…how you doin’?

Did Wendy Williams finally choose herself?

I have some comments on the latest Superpowher Podcast about Wendy, but first let me share this…

Y'all, when I tell you we have taken self-care to the next level…I am so proud of everyone who was able to show up for the Super Self-Care Power Summit. And to be honest with you, I'm proud of myself because I took the the desire that was in my heart-- like I know many of you have dreams and hopes and desires and visions for things--and this time, unlike other times I didn't give up, I actually followed my own advice.

I gave myself some self-care when I needed it, but I took steps every day to put this event together because I knew that I wasn't the only person who needed to be encouraged and who needed to do a better job of speaking life into themselves; both verbally and with life changes. One of the biggest self-care steps that I took was to get out of my comfort zone and ask for help. I know, it's often the hardest step for us to take due to ego, pride, fear of rejection and more. But, sometimes the mission at hand is bigger than how you feel, it's about the big picture of getting the work done for the greater good. That was my motivation, and I'll be talking to you more about getting out of your own way and implementing The Power of Help.

I am really proud of the effort of everyone that participated, the transparent conversations that took place from celebrities to moguls to everyday women -- absolutely life-changing.

Plus, we had a special treat with The Relationship Scientist and the men on the Man Whisperer Panel! If you didn't make it, don't worry, we have more events coming up, including the early bird special for the Fall Edition of the Summit.

Just know that I want to see you go to the next level, I want you to also see your vision and dreams fulfilled. There is so much growth that takes place in the process of doing. You deserve the best of YOU. That’s why I put together a podcast that I want you to hear, it reveals how “Self-care is Disruptive.”

Sometimes when people are so used to you helping them and putting them first, they actually get offended when you wake up and change your focus back to yourself. Not only do we teach people how to treat us, but we forget how to treat ourselves. So, I want you to listen to this podcast and I trust that it will have you reevaluating who you’re giving care to. Oh Hey Wendy, [ insert your name here ] How you doin’?

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