Ladies, when we think about spring cleaning we think about cleaning out clutter from our homes; it’s out with the old and in with the new stuff to refresh the atmosphere. Well, the home of your heart needs to be cleaned up, uncluttered and prepared for a new season too.

It sounds good to say that you’re ready for love and a fresh start right? But how can anyone have a real chance at a new beginning if we’re still holding on to old baggage – relationships, wounds, fear, how someone else made you feel –good or bad. It’s like a junky closet that has so much mess inside of it that you can never find what you’re looking for. Similarly when it comes to relationships, this is a great time to clear out the clutter in your life. Maybe all of your stuff is blocking someone else from seeing all of your value that you have to offer. So, if you’re really ready to restart and spring forth, sometimes as Fantasia says in her song, sometimes you have to lose to win. Here are my Deya Directives on how you can unpack and clean up:

1. Let Go: Release everything that you don’t need or that’s not adding to your life. Let go of all things negative like anger, resentment fear and unforgiveness; like grease, they clog up your heart and mind. Confront and tackle the hard and grimy things that are putting an ugly stain on your energy. Deal with it, clean it up, and move on — one moment, minute, day at a time.

2. Give. It’s the other “Good Will”. Give it away and give it up; that is love, kindness and oh so much more. Be the partner you want to receive.

3. Make Room: Clean your own closet. Make room for something new and exciting. Focus on the things that you can do to clear the air. Free up space in your heart so you can let someone all the way in. Open Up & Be Open. Just like you need air, you, we, and I need LOVE. So stop pretending that you don’t need people, we ALL do! Even independent America needs other countries. Don’t be the lone ranger if that is not what you really want.

4. Refresh Everything: Cut that grass and water your soil (if you know what I mean). Get a haircut, a new look, add some fun colors. There’s actual psychology and energy to the colors you wear. So decide what you want to project and go for it.

Deya Direct is your Go-to-Girlfriend on all things feminine and Fly, with a special place in her heart for love and relationship advice. Married and living in Dallas, Texas, She is the author of Soft is the New Power: Embracing Your Feminine Edge to Win in Love & Life (http://amzn.to/2ls4GPd)