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(WATCH) SuperpowHer Season 2: Using your Glory & Story to Make a Difference w/ Tim and Sherice

Deya sits down with Dallas Philanthropists and NFL power couple Sherice and Tim Brown on this week's episode. The Browns reveal #AllTheThings on how to dodge temptation (and cheating!), staying true to your identity in the limelight; and they also reveal their latest philanthropic work with Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] - Sherice shares her testimony and how she learned that the pain is part of her purpose.

[7:52] - There is no “look” to pain and life experiences. Sherice has been told “to look at you, you don’t seem like you’ve been through anything” Deya shares the reality that what’s going on in the inside vs how it looks on the outside is not always the same....we can cover it up and make it look however we want.

[8:40] - Learn more about the Big Brother, Big Sisters Gala in October and how to get involved.

[13:04] - Tim & Sherice share their Love Story.

[17:20] Deya and Tim share relationship insights on how women can position themselves to attract their perfect partner.

[18:28] - Sherice shares the challenges of being in a public relationship and Tim shares what causes men to cheat!

[22:12] - Not falling for the temptation can be tricky. Tim shares a story about a persistent young woman that he had to resist.

[24:25] - Life as an athlete and letting go to walk into your new season. It's important to not let ego take you away from your purpose.

[33:13] - Sherice share some sage advice Season 1 SuperpowHer Guest, Tammy Franklin on supporting your partner.

[36:35] - What is your SuperpowHer? Both Tim and Sherice share that their SuperpowHer is “Faith in God”

To get more info on how you can support Big Brothers, Big Sisters here

in the Lone Star State, visit

Make sure you to grab a notebook and share with your girlfriends so you don't miss any of these gems.

You can WATCH or LISTEN to the full podcast here. Enjoy, share and comment, and review, we love to hear from you!


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