(WATCH) SuperpowHer Season 2: Believe BIGGER w/ Marshawn Evans Daniels

Welcome to the SuperpowHer Podcast: Today we sit down with Marshawn Evans Daniels, a powerful speaker, coach, branding expert and author of the fabulous new book Believe BIGGER.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How she managed to get up and back together after leaving her million-dollar business for a soul-crushing breakup.

  • Seeking counseling, leaning into prayer and the art of reinventing yourself after painful experiences.

  • Marshawn gives her tips on how to shift, push beyond comfort zones and align your life for the next level greatness.

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SUPERPOWER - su·per·pow·er noun: It’s what makes you special and gives you the power to produce extraordinary results "I believe in leveraging every personal and professional experience by learning your lessons and making your pain pay you back!" - Deya Direct

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