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(WATCH) SuperpowHer Season 2: How DeDe McGuire Leveraged her POWER to Win!

On our first episode of Season 2, we kick it off with the Queen turned King of Radio herself, DeDe McGuire of DeDe In The Morning. She dropped some serious gems on being a woman in the entertainment industry.

Recently DeDe In The Morning has become a syndicated radio show which is a big deal and even bigger for a woman to be the lead; only a few have done it and done so well including: Wendy Williams and Whoopi Goldberg, so she's in good company.

When I sat down with DeDe, who also happens to be a good girlfriend we got right down to the business of celebrating and talking it up about the business of radio, life, love and relationships.

In this podcast you'll get a peek into her rarely seen, more serious side, and what life is really like for Dede starting with waking up for work at 3am. It was great to hear from her about the reality of being a BOSS and her reaction to the #timesup and #metoo movements. DeDe also shares her thoughts on the pay disparity for women of color in light of the recent Black Women Equal Pay Day and gives some great tips on leveraging your way to a better salary through negotiation.

The POWER WORD for this episode is LEVERAGE, DeDe shares what it means to her and how she's used it to get to the position she's in now.

And of course, because we are girls we chat about love, marriage, sex, ego, insecurities and all sorts of good stuff that comes along with being a woman in a position of power.

Make sure you to grab a notebook and share with your girlfriends so you don't miss any of these gems.

You can WATCH or LISTEN to the full podcast hear. Enjoy, share and comment, we love to hear from you.


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