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Superpower Tools to Love Again

  • 3 hours
  • Prices Vary

Service Description

Power Strategies to Attract the Loving Relationship You Deserve In your heart you deeply desire to have a partner and a happy and healthy relationship to share your life with. Whether you’re married, single or divorced (this coach has been all-three and back), the reality is that your heart has become hardened because of past pain and emotional trauma that’s preventing you from attracting or enjoying a deeper connection. In truth, you may be experiencing Relationship PTSD. This course, created by the nationally-renowned Love and Life Coach Deya Direct (aka “The Man Whisperer”) was designed with you in mind to strategically jump-start your heart and mind, as you apply new approaches to dating, love, marriage and relationship success. For Group Sessions or Workshops Submit Request To take the individual course, go to:

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