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Deya Smith-Taylor, aka “Deya Direct" is the Chief Wellness Officer for Deya Direct Enterprises.
Deya is an Author, Speaker, Producer, Media Personality and Certified Life Coach dedicated to helping you tap into your signature superpower, your social & emotional intelligence (SEI), and your ability to prioritize your personal and professional self-care and well-being. All her brands and services operate with well-being as its primary purpose.
As the Executive Producer of the SuperpowHer Podcast, and creator of The Super Self-Care Power Summit, she champions spiritual and personal growth, self-care and
emotional wellness.

Most recently she launched the personal care brand Well Luxe, whose tagline is self-care you deserve. Well Luxe’s signature line launched with an organic, essential oils based-candle, room spray, and massage oil; with a portion of the profits benefitting the Super Self-Care Project, a nonprofit empowering women in challenging life transitions with tools to enhance overall wellness via content, events, and services.



Formerly the National Senior Digital Producer for the American Heart Association, Deya is also the creator of its podcast network, which now boasts 16 shows under its belt, and over 1 million downloads. As the past Interim Executive and Senior Content Producer for Radio Hall of Famer Tom Joyner’s nationally-syndicated morning show, which reached 8 million listeners daily, Deya remains committed to creating life-changing content.


A former Miss Black USA, Deya is a celebrated and sought-after speaker and mentor, however, she is no stranger to pushing through and overcoming life’s challenges. Her personal motto is “Make Your Pain Pay You Back, if it happened to you, make it also happen for you!

Deya has written four personal development books including best-seller Soft is the New Power, Embracing Your Feminine Edge to Win in Love & Life, and most recently You're Successful, But Are You OK? Real Self-Care Strategies to Preserve Your Sanity and Get You Through the Workday which released in early 2023.

She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband.

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THE Motivator

Deya Direct truly has a calling for helping women help themselves! In true "girlfriend" fashion, she reminds you of the value that you bring to the table and how you should approach dealing with the VIPs in your life. Be it your boss or your boo, you'll be reassured of what to do. Thank you for living your purpose and for helping me and others to do so as well.

--T.A., Client

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