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Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Nationally-Syndicated Producer, Media Personality & Certified Life Coach


Imagine having a superpower to heal your distress while empathetically giving yourself permission to prioritize your peace, preserve your wellbeing, and elevate your perspective on what success and happiness mean to you.

The American workplace is experiencing a chronic stress epidemic that’s making us sick from head to toe. Record numbers of employees are breaking down mentally, emotionally, and physically. The pandemic triggered something that has been dormant all along. The response manifested itself with the great resignation and quiet quitting, but in reality, people still have ambitions and need to work. So, what to do?

How do you relieve the build-up of emotions that arise—anxiety, anger, stress, sadness, even sickness caused by working in toxic environments, working more for less, being passed over for well-deserved promotions, being blind-sided by unexpected responsibilities, dragged along by lack of boundaries? How do you heal the burnout, frustration or disillusionment, when the cost of success seems too high, and fulfilment is fleeting?

This book teaches you to use your power to make your pain pay you back. You have the agency to control the controllables; you can reduce unwanted emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. This book offers affirming, science-based self-care strategies and tools that you can use to overcome personal or professional storms, empowering yourself to be your own hero and promoting yourself to CEO of your life and wellbeing.

You’re Successful, But Are You OK? is packed with funny, relatable stories and inspirational affirmations to clear stress overload, allowing you to ignite the flow of healing, happiness, and holistic success in your life, now.


You Deserve to Be Happy & Live Fully! Failure is Fuel! The first of a mini book series by Deya” Direct” Smith that will propel you to take your life to the next level. It's time to F.L.Y. (Fully Leverage Yourself)! This book is for you if: You know that you're supposed to be doing something great, but you've gotten distracted or discouraged. You're afraid to open your heart because you've been hurt before. You know that fear is crippling your life & you're ready to go to the next level. This is a life-changing guide and source of inspiration on how to Fully Leverage Yourself. Before you can take your life to the next level, you must first come to terms with areas in your life where fear and failure reside and keep you stagnated and stuck. By doing so, you will learn how to use each experience and lesson to fuel your growth. Enjoy and get ready to F.L.Y.!


What if everything you thought you understood about communicating with men was wrong? Would you be willing to re-calibrate your thinking to possess the love and life you desire? From the creator of the Man Whisperer Multimedia Series comes the new book Soft is the New Power by Deya “Direct” Smith.  

Smith shows readers how to return to the organic softness that is feminine power. Many women are losing themselves in an effort to keep up with the male-dominated workplace and the new-age approaches to dating and relationships. Too many successful and ambitious career driven women for various reasons tend to use masculine or hard energy to survive or succeed, and as a result, not only are they exhausted, but they become hardened in communications...


Touch Yourself is a provocative, spiritual, insightful and uniquely personal book that meets every woman right where she is in her life. Author Deya “Direct” Smith really does get direct about everything; including giving us a whole new definition of foreplay, a clear understanding on how to brand yourself in your personal and professional relationships, as well as within the media. And of course, Deya addresses why it’s so important to TOUCH YOURSELF, in all the ways that matter. As one person put it, “this book will help you to manage your mind, your money and your money maker!” This book is covers it all; it is timely and it’s healing for anyone who has been challenged with low-confidence, unhealthy relationships, and communication issues. It also gives a different spin on why it’s critical to engage in the political process and teaches how women can use their power of influence to make significant changes -- beginning with her own life. Finally, Deya gives us pearls of wisdom and perspectives from various women, including public figures that she’s interviewed from the likes of Divorce Court’s Judge Toler, R &B sensation Tamia, breakout star of Hollywood Exes, Andrea Kelly, legendary actress Pam Grier and more. Mostly, Deya cuts to the chase through her Deya Directives! Not only will this book help every woman who reads it to boldly “Get in Touch” with herself; it will also increase her ability to intimately relate to her partner. Further, it serves as an unofficial mentoring guide for young women everywhere who want to be empowered, successful and take their lives to the next level. This book will unapologetically to take you on a journey that will change your life forever. Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Boldly Live, Love and Let Go! is guaranteed to help you find the love of your life that you’ve been looking for!


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