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“Deya has a unique and creative brand of inspiration and knows how to captivate her audience. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her change the lives of young woman internationally. Now it is your turn to experience Deya Direct!”

– Karen Arrington, Founder and CEO, Miss Black USA, Inc.

Communication/Media Coaching Packages

Coaching can be curated based upon individual needs.  Half deposit due at booking.


Develop Better Communication Skills

During this five-hour training you will learn the art and upgrade your ability to communicate effectively. Communication can be career and life changing. Whether it’s email, text messages, one-on- one, public speaking before a group, or a discussion in the workplace; developing strategic tools to guide your approach can increase your happiness, effectiveness, self-confidence, your paycheck and your staff’s productivity. Training emphasis includes: emotional intelligence, perception, listening, self-assessment, verbal and nonverbal communication, and dysfunctional communication. 


Learn how to communicate effectively and confidently with these practical and proven tools that are essential for anyone ready to improve their relationships. By the end of this five- hour workshop you will have more confidence to be more assertive, say what you mean, and get better results.


Participants will learn...

  • How to make an unforgettable, positive first impression on anyone

  • Which non-verbal cues and tools you need to master

  • How to make others care about what you have to say

  • The strategic role of approach and timing

  • How to enhance your ability to understand, collaborate and influence your colleagues

  • How to ensure your message is clear and express ideas in ways that gain the attention, and

  • buy-in from others

  • And much more

$135 per person.  For groups of 10 or more send written request for quotes.


All Eyes on You Package

Individual media interview coaching, enhancing speaking and presentation skills, creating top three message points, verbal and nonverbal communication coaching. One hour session $85.00 each (minimum of 3 sessions)

In Control Package

Individual coaching for aspiring radio and podcast hosts or producers focusing on the following:  the art of the interview, how to play your position, presentation skills, and understanding your audience. One-hour session $85.00 each (minimum of 3 sessions)


The Art of Intentional Communication Course

This course emphasizes the effective communication practices and principles of the following:  1. Defining & refining your message, 2. Finding your audience,  3. Understanding your target audience, 3. Super- serving your audience, 4. Influencing your audience, and Growing your audience. Upon completion, students will be able to be purpose-driven with clearly defined messages, goals and reach.


Send written requests for group quotes or courses 


*****Fees for travel and accommodations not included****

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