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I believe in leveraging every personal and professional experience by learning your lessons and making your pain pay you back! 

Deya Direct!- SuperPower Strategist & Life Coach

Life Coaching Packages


NEW OFFERING | Girlfriend Power Party:  One-hour small group gatherings of 5-10 people. A themed-topic and introduction to coaching. $50 per person, per session.

Personal Power:  Individual life coaching sessions, a la carte service $150 per session.


Power Package:  One-one-one package deal for $750– Includes a minimum of 6 sessions at $125 each; Deposit $375.00 is due upon booking.


The Power Couple Package: This service specifically focuses on coaching to improve communication skills between couples.  6 sessions within 8 weeks. 2 individually, 4 together. At $1000 for the package. Deposit $500.00 is due upon booking, remainder due at beginning of the 4th session.



Available as Pre-recorded Packages 

For Group Sessions or Workshops Submit Requests


  • Superpower Tools to Love Again (Series)

Power Strategies to Attract the Loving Relationship You Deserve

In your heart you deeply desire to have a partner and a happy and healthy relationship to share your life with. Whether you’re married, single or divorced (this coach has been all-three and back), the reality is that your heart has become hardened because of past pain and emotional trauma that’s preventing you from attracting or enjoying a deeper connection. In truth, you may be experiencing Relationship PTSD. This course, created by the nationally-renowned Love and Life Coach Deya Direct (aka “The Man Whisperer”) was designed with you in mind to strategically jump-start your heart and mind, as you apply new approaches to dating, love, marriage and relationship success.



  • How to Realign, Reignite & Rebrand Your Life

Whether you’re dealing with dating again, divorce, becoming an empty-nester, reentering the workforce, ageism, relocating or starting a new career or business; these major life changes require an update and an upgrade in approach, what used to work simply doesn’t now. Having gone through traumatic life changes personally, professionally and spiritually several times; Deya shares tested tools on redefining your priorities, reinventing yourself and staying relevant in order to win in life and in love in your new reality.



  • Use Your Pain to Propel You to the Top! 

Based upon her #1 Amazon Bestseller Failure into Fuel, Deya takes her audience on a dramatic journey to teach them how to leverage shame, fear, guilt, loss and more as lessons and tools to help reshape one’s life.


Before you can take your life to the next level, you must first come to terms with areas of your life where fear and failure reside that have kept you stagnated and stuck.


Deya's personal testimony is powerful and life-changing. She will take you on a journey of how she almost lost it all, but reclaimed her life and soared instead; providing you with hope and actionable-steps to leverage each experience to fuel your growth.



  • Soft is the New Power: Embracing Your Feminine Edge to Win in Love &Life

Soft power is the ability to shape the preferences of others through appeal and attraction. Deya has taken this international political term to show women how using soft power as a tool and tactic can enhance their communication skills, emotional intelligence, physical, spiritual, professional and personal lives.


Based upon Deya’s latest book, Soft is the New Power, which continues to receive rave reviews. This talk will address how many successful and ambitious career driven women for various reasons have fallen into the trap of minimizing their feminine energy while maximizing a more hardened masculine energy to survive or succeed. And as a result, often become ineffective, emotionally exhausted and unavailable. As an answer to this challenge, Deya shows women the benefits of embracing soft power as a strategic approach to self-care, effective communication, negotiation, and attracting healthy relationships and success.


  • The Art of Becoming a Man Whisperer

What if everything you thought you understood about communicating with men was wrong? Would you be willing to re-calibrate your thinking to possess the love and life you desire? From the creator of the “Man Whisperer” series, and taken from her book Soft is the New Power, Smith shares five power tools to position yourself as the

woman that every man wants and needs .

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