The latest Superhero movie Black Panther has millions of people excited about the plot of an unlikely hero saving the day. When life, disappointment or tragedy occur, many of us feel more like victims than heroes. I would like to reintroduce the concept of saving ourselves as part of the big picture of being the change that you want to see.

You see, we all have super powers even if we don’t recognize some of our abilities in that manner. Superpower is what makes you special and gives you the power to produce extraordinary results. My intention is to support you in various ways, personally and professionally in how to tap into your Superpowers. Let’s begin with your “Superpower to Love Again.”

Whether you’re married, single, divorced or somewhere in between (this coach has been all-three and back), the reality is that the heart can become hardened because of past pain. It’s in protection mode, but that same hard protection barrier may also be preventing you from attracting or enjoying a deeper connection.

I will provide you with real tools to soften your heart in order to attract and prepare you for meaningful relationships. Ready to Realign Your Heart For Love? Let me introduce you to my one-of- a- kind I. L.O.V.E. U Strategy!

By the time we are done you will be equipped with the following tools for Love:

I: Be more intentional about what you want & how you present yourself to the world. Own it!

L: Learn from & leverage your past mistakes instead of being frozen by fear, shame or frustration

O: Open your heart & mind to give and receive more than you’ve ever imagined

V: Value yourself and empower others to do so.

E: Expect and attract love while enjoying the process.

U: Discover the secret to understanding your partner.


TIP 1:

DETOX: Detox from your ex partner so that you can cleanse your mind and spirit from the toxins of that relationship. That means stop communicating with your ex as much a humanly possible. Get rid of all the pictures that you have of him or her. No social media with that person making sure that all pictures are deleted. Stop day dreaming about the good things that you used to do with this person. No phone calls. And definitely no physical touch.

See the full multimedia blog on how to Detox: Ebony.com

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